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10 Creative Makeup Ideas that Will Make Your Life Easier

As a part of your daily routine, putting on makeup can be time consuming and challenging. Those cat’s eyes and contours never wind up being as easy as they look, and there’s only so much time in the day. Here are some time- and effort-saving techniques to help make your morning routine easier.

1. Matte Lips –

Looking for that Matte look, or just want your lipstick to last longer? Apply your lipstick, lay a tissue over your lips, and then apply a layer of translucent powder, such as silica, over the tissue. This will give your lips the perfect matte finish without dulling your shade.

Alternatively, you can blot your lipstick with a tissue, and then dust a light layer of powder blush directly onto your lips.

2. Instant Brow Lift – You can use your favorite highlighter or concealer to give your eyes an instant lift. Simply apply your highlighter or concealer directly above the outer corner of your brow, and use a blending brush or your fingertip to blend it. This will give the arch of your brow the illusion of being lifted.

3. Revive Your Mascara – Are you stuck with dry, clumpy mascara? Don’t throw it away! Rather than pumping the wand in and out of the bottle (which only dries it out more), try adding a few drops of eyedrops or contact solution, and then swirl the wand in the bottle to mix. This will rewet and unclump your mascara, restoring it to its normal consistency.

4. Make Mascara Easier – Are you having trouble applying mascara without getting it on your eyelids? You can fix this in a cinch by using a plastic spoon! Holding the spoon by the handle, use the head of the spoon as a shield by holding it against your face with the inner curve facing you. Hold it over your lower eyelid for your bottom lashes, and your upper eyelid for the top lashes. This will allow you to apply your mascara worry-free!

5. Perfect Winged Liner – Don’t drop that spoon just yet; it has everything you need to guide the perfect winged eyeliner. Use the stem against the lower outer corner of your eye to draw a straight line going upward. Then, use the head of the spoon to hug your eyelid, and use that curve to meet your straight line. Finally, just fill it in for the perfect winged look!

6. Simple Eye Stencil – Having trouble getting the cat’s eye look? You can create an easy stencil for getting your lines straight simply by taking a piece of scotch tape and sticking it under your eye. This will leave your hands free and once you’re done, you can just peel it right off and throw it away!

7. Lash Curling Made Easy – Having a hard time getting your lash curl to last? Try warming up your lash curler using a hairdryer. Pass the hairdryer over the head of the curler to heat it up, and then allow it to cool for 30 seconds so it is just warm. This will make your lashes curl much easier, and last longer, just like a heated hair curler.

8. Find the Perfect Foundation Match – Does your foundation look too obvious? The best and easiest way to find the right foundation color is to match it to your neck, not your face; this will ensure that your foundation line is the least visible, blending with the tone of your neck. To do this, just take a small amount of foundation on the tip of your finger, and rub it onto an easily visible part of your neck. Try a few shades, and use the one that’s least visible.

9. Tightlining – Tightlining is a creative technique to use when you want to add some color to your eyelid line, and make the base of your lashes fuller without looking like you’re wearing eye makeup. To tightline, using either a gel or pencil eyeliner, apply it directly between your lashes at the base of the eyelid. This will really make your eyes pop, and looks completely natural!

10. Use Airbrush Foundation Yes, it’s true that airbrush makeup takes time to learn and master, but once you’ve taken the time to hone your skills, using airbrush foundation will save you time every day, and give you flawless natural results. You can spray on fine layers gradually, with no need to worry about blending or harsh lines.

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