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5 Common Airbrush Makeup Myths Debunked

Airbrush makeup technology and techniques have only really become popular within the past few years. Naturally, people are more cautious and confused when it comes to things that are newer or unfamiliar, so there are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding airbrush makeup. This article will help to clear up some of the confusion, and provide more realistic expectations of airbrush makeup.

1. It’s too difficult

Airbrush makeup application can be intimidating to beginners. Most people using powder or cream makeups have many years of experience under their belts, so it’s what they feel more comfortable using. Airbrush makeup is a new skill for most people and will take some practice to learn. You won’t get your best results the first time, however if you are able to be patient and persistent, you will be able to learn the process. Once you get the technique down, your makeup process will likely become easier because airbrush makeup offers more control and takes less time to apply than traditional makeup.

2. I won’t get good results if I’m not a professional

As was stated above, airbrush makeup is a new skill and technique you’ll have to learn. You won’t become a pro overnight, but with a little practice you will be able to get great results without professional training. Airbrush makeup offers a lot of control and great coverage once you learn the basics. However if you have no patience and do not like to learn new things, airbrush makeup is probably not for you.

3. It melts and flakes off

This misconception is one of the most common that people have, and may be due to people either using low quality foundation or applying it incorrectly. Some airbrush foundation is not water resistant and will run off of your face if it gets wet. However, many higher quality airbrush foundations are water resistant, and dry quickly after being sprayed onto your face, creating a thin layer of makeup that will stand up to sweat and weather. Flaking is usually caused by people over applying the makeup. When you first get started, it can be tempting to put a lot on, but you really don’t need a whole lot of makeup to get good looking coverage with airbrush makeup. Spraying farther away and not using quite so many drops of makeup will help prevent this issue.

4. It feels heavier than other makeup

Over application may contribute to this myth as well. When applied correctly, airbrush makeup creates a thin even layer on the face, providing great coverage that may actually feel lighter on the face. This is due to the fact that airbrush makeup is applied gradually as a fine mist, and full coverage can be achieved with just a few drops of makeup.

5. Airbrush makeup will make me look 10-20 years younger

If you are older, but have healthier skin and only fine lines, you will get good results using airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup will not make deep wrinkles disappear or go away however. It’s a great technique to get great quality coverage, but it doesn’t’ work miracles and is not for everyone. If you are older and have deep wrinkles, the makeup will actually rest in the wrinkles and make them more noticeable before. For heavier wrinkles, it’s probably better to use a powder or cream based makeup and keep up a good skin care regimen.

Airbrush makeup may not be for everyone. It takes some practice to get used to and can be intimidating at first. It doesn’t look good over deep wrinkles. But for those who are determined and patient enough to learn how to apply it correctly, beautiful and long lasting results can be achieved at home, and in less time than your previous makeup application process.

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