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7 Essential airbrush makeup tips

Airbrush makeup can be intimidating, especially for those who are new to the process. Many people just don’t know where to start. Here are 7 essential airbrush makeup tips to make your application process smoother, and your results more flawless.

1. Choose the right makeup.

There are many airbrush makeup brands of varying quality, so choosing the right one is extremely important.

- Try to find a brand that offers a good variety of shades and finishes.

- Make sure that the makeup is water resistant. Many brands are not, and will run off your face or smear if your face is even slightly wet.

- Don’t be fooled by high prices – The most expensive brands aren’t the only ones that provide high quality makeup, and you shouldn’t overpay for your makeup.

2. Select the correct foundation shade for your face.

If you use the wrong foundation color, it will look out of place and blend poorly with the rest of your skin. Pick a shade of makeup that looks like it will closely match your skin tone. If you’re not sure what your shade is, try a makeup set that includes a range of shades so that you can see for yourself which one is right for you. To sample, take a small drop and rub it onto your face to see how closely the shade matches.

3. Light and slow is the way to go.

Most high quality airbrush compressors will have a variable airflow setting. For the most control over your application, use the highest air setting your compressor has, and control your flow with the trigger. Use light gradual trigger presses with almost everything you apply. The idea here is not to spray as much makeup as you can onto your face as quickly as possible, but rather to apply a thin even coat to your face. A slow gradual application will look much more natural and blended.

4. Don’t be too trigger happy.

As stated above, the key to even makeup is a slow application. That being said, don’t pull too hard on your trigger. The further back you pull, the more makeup will spray out. Being heavy handed with the trigger will leave you with caked-up areas and an uneven finish. The finer the mist, the more control you have.

5. Use broad sweeping strokes.

Another important factor in having the most control over your makeup is to apply it in broad strokes. If you stay in one area too long, it will get a heavier application and look spotty. Also, don’t be afraid to release the trigger every once in a while. This will allow the stream of air to dry the makeup that is on your face, and give you more time to see what areas need more attention.

6. Don’t over-apply.

If you are making good use of the previously mentioned techniques, it will help you not to over-apply your makeup. A thick layer of airbrush makeup can look crackly, and even flake off your face. Once you understand the basics, it should only take about 4-6 drops of foundation to make up your whole face.

7. Keep your gun clean.

If makeup dries inside of your airbrush gun, it can cause it to become gummed up or clogged, which will cause it to not work properly. Rinse out the tip and cup of your airbrush gun after each use by running water over them, and spraying water through the gun. You can also use airbrush cleaner and a cotton swab to clean off makeup that has dried onto your gun.

If you want more detailed visual instructions for applying airbrush makeup, check out our airbrush application video tutorial. Also, if you have any questions about airbrush makeup tips that we haven’t addressed, let us know in the comments section.

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